Must Stash Hat is a three-piece Toronto-based jam band who have been playing together for over 10 years. A Must Stash Hat show feels like it lasts for days while you’re in it, but when they end their last note, everyone is still screaming for ten more songs. Your body won’t stop moving while they transition from an upbeat rocking chorus into a jazzy and relaxing hypnotic refrain before stretching it out, twisting it up into outer space and verging ever so close to awkward before exploding back in a most satisfying cymbal ridden rhythm, bass slappin’ and bappin’ on the hips of high laughing guitar chords pulling at the off beats.

Venue: The Corner Café, Thornbury

Date: Friday, July 19, 2019

Time: 9 PM

Ticketed: Free

Parking: Free

The Corner Café, Thornbury

The Litchfields bought the building in September 2015, with a vision for a community hub where friends and families, non-profits, clubs, and business people could meet and eat. Then Randy and Jane met Adam Politeski, a gregarious local restaurant manager who had a burning desire to open a welcoming place with good food in downtown Thornbury. The Corner Café & Grill was born.

It all came together in April 2016 as The Corner Café & Grill opened with a commitment to community, affordability, accessibility, and homemade food with local ingredients.

Address: 3 Bruce St. South (Highway 26 at Grey Rd. 13), Thornbury, Ontario, N0H 2P0
Phone: 226-665-8800

3 Bruce St. South (Highway 26 at Grey Rd. 13), Thornbury, Ontario, N0H 2P0