As did every town, village and city in North America, Toronto gave birth to a cornucopia of rollicking musical entities. In 1965, one of these dubbed itself The Blue Beats and picked up a Strat, a Tele, a Precision Bass, Ludwig drums and began to rock. Rick Pearson and the brothers Brian and Tim O’Hara got started there and soon matured from Pop and Rock ‘n Roll tunes to the more urban and soulful music of the great American black artists as The Blue Beats became The Crusade. This is when John Swain came aboard, and they rocked high school gyms and the fraternity houses of local universities for a couple of years. That was 1967, the band took what is known in the music business as “a short break”, and now they’re back, this time as Boomerang. What a perfect name for the band – “boomers” who came back and play music that you can’t throw away!

Venue: Collingwood Museum & Station

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Time: 6 PM

Parking: Free

Ticketed: Free

The Station, Collingwood

The Collingwood Jazz and Blues Society was started by a grassroots group of Collingwood music fans in 2007. The Society presently has 100+ members who volunteer time to assist and support the presentation, production and operation of Jazz and Blues events in the Collingwood – Blue Mountain area.

Outdoor venue, in the event of poor weather this will be moved indoors to The Harbour Street Fish Bar. Please check The Station Facebook page for updates. Don’t forget to bring your lawn chair!

Address: Collingwood Museum 45 St Paul St, Collingwood
Phone: 705-444-4449

107 Ellen Lane, Collingwood, ON, L9Y W4W